Friday, January 8, 2016

Doors, Hardware, and Locks: The First Line of Defense in Home Security

For solid peace of mind either inside your home or outside of it, it makes a world of difference to be able to install the most reliable lock system for your doors. To find out the best type of lock, any trained locksmith will advise you to first determine the level of security you’ll need for your home.


The most basic security lock system, particularly for residential homes, is the entry lockset which is a spring-operated regular key-access lock in the door handle and a push-button system on the opposite or interior side of the door handle.

These locks are the least expensive and are easiest to install. As a spring-latch lock type can also be smashed from the outside to gain entry, many homeowners choose to install a protective metal plate to reinforce the doorknob and prevent this weakness.

Deadbolt Locks

For added home security to this basic entry lock system, a deadbolt lock is also installed. Typically for convenience, one key can be used to operate both locks. Double-cylinder deadbolts use a key for each side of the door while surface-mounted deadbolts require a key for the lock that is mounted on the interior side of the door. The standard deadbolt lock provides a keyhole on one side and a thumb latch on the other side to fasten or release the bolt.

It’s also worth knowing that the most reliable and burglar-proof locks will only be as effective as the quality of your door. Highly trained locksmiths can recommend the most dependable doors and door frames as well as locks and other hardware needs for your door to fulfill the type of security you require for your home.

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