Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Importance of Securing Your Residential Garage Door

If you are like most people, you may take time to lock the front and back door to your home every evening before you go to bed with the belief that this will keep you safe from intruders. However, few people spend time securing the garage door, and this means that garage doors may be one of the most vulnerable areas of the home for break-ins.
When You Have a Garage Door Opener

Some people think that the garage door opener is a lock in itself, and it is true that others will not be able to open the door without having access to the code for the garage door. Unfortunately, however, the codes for the doors are often set with the same or a similar factory setting, and this means that many garage door openers can easily be bypassed by a savvy criminal.

It is best to reset the garage door opener code as soon as possible. In addition, ensure that the doors to your car are locked. This is because the opener is sitting in the car, and you essentially are handing a criminal a key to your home if you fail to lock the car door and secure the opener.

Why You Need to Lock the Garage Door

Both the interior and exterior lock on the garage door should be locked on a regular basis, and the interior lock should have a deadbolt component just as the other exterior locks on your home have. This is because if someone breaches the exterior garage door, they otherwise could simply walk right into your home.

Keep in mind there are different levels of security for exterior garage door locks, and your garage door specialist can help you make an upgrade to a more secure lock.

A garage door is among the most vulnerable areas of the home, and you can easily overcome challenges related to the garage door by following these helpful tips.

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