Thursday, April 13, 2017

Locksmith from Myrtle Beach Urges Residents to Upgrade Front Doors to Keyless Entries

Locks and keys were once the ultimate tools for protecting anything of value, from small jewels to large estates. Though technology has since transformed door locks and keys into something more sophisticated, thieves and burglars are hardly gone. In fact, there’s a lot of instructional videos on the internet that teach viewers how to pick the common pin-tumbler lock.

Are Door Locks Inadequate for Home Security?

When all it takes for a locked door to open is a single bobby pin, it is high time to consider other security options. According to Home Facts, Myrtle Beach’s 2015 crime rate was two times higher than the national average. Breaking the statistics down further, of the 9,467 reported crimes in 2015, burglaries accounted for 1,489 and robberies for 161.

This is why a certified locksmith from Myrtle Beach is urging his clients, both residential and commercial owners, to promptly upgrade their door locks to the more secure keyless entries–more commonly known as smart locks. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2pcrc3P

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