Monday, November 30, 2015

Let More People In: Keeping Commercial Doors Functioning Properly

Doors on a commercial property, often used as entrances and loading docks, operate quite differently from the ones found among homes. Unlike doors found at home, commercial doors undergo a lot of stress, since these are constantly opened and closed as customers come and go.

Commercial doors, then, should provide a smooth, safe, and easy access inside and outside a property. Other than looking for commercial doors that are up to this heavy duty task, property owners should also ensure that the doors they currently use for their facility, along with its accompanying hardware, are well-maintained through these steps.

Put Particular Focus on Components

Though commercial doors offer a layer of security for your facility, it also helps to invest in other hardware like locks, hinges, closers, and exit devices. When it comes to locks, bored locks are preferred for interior office doors, while mortise locks are normally used for exterior doors.

After investing in these hardware, make sure to maintain them properly through checking their action periodically. Usually, technicians are called to check a door’s closing action at least twice a year to see if the door, and all of its hardware, remains fully functional.

Lubrication is a Must

Depending on the type of door your property have and its level of use, commercial doors must always be lubricated once every six months to a year. Hinges, closers, and lock mechanisms should be lubricated to ensure that your door will not be subject to problems due to wear and tear.

Should you find that you’re having trouble with your commercial doors, or you’ve determined that it’s finally time to fit your office with a new door, seek help from doors specialist like those from Coastal Contract Hardware.

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