Monday, November 23, 2015

Phantom Doors? How to Deal with Garage Doors that Open by Themselves

You happen to wander around your garage doors, then, even without pressing any button, these open or close on their own accord. Before you panic, keep in mind that such an event may not be caused by the supernatural. These instances rarely happen among homeowners, but this does not mean that it couldn’t happen to your own garage doors, particularly if these have been subjected to a thunderstorm.

“Phantom Operation”

In most cases, garage doors that open or close by themselves experience the problem experts dubbed as “phantom operation”. Contrary to what the term might suggest, this problem occurs when a power surge due to a thunderstorm damages the electronics inside the transmitter. Most of the time, phantom operations are caused by a short in the circuit board, the wall button, the wall button wiring, the opener remote, the wired keypad, or other related electronic parts.

Radio Interference

Shorts on the garage doors’ electrical components aren’t the sole causes of phantom operations. Experts explain that police radios, CB radios, or even a nearby radio station can cause garage doors to open or close on its own, though such instances are notably rare. It also means that your garage door problems may have been caused by someone knowing your code or frequency.

Fortunately, dealing with garage doors that open or close on their own is fairly simple, once you’re able to pinpoint the exact problem. Once you’ve determined the cause of your garage door problems, don’t delay in seeking help from garage door experts like those from Coastal Contract Hardware, who specializes in repairing such issues with residential garage doors. 

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