Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Commercial Safety And Beauty Are Possible In Metal Doors For The Home

When someone walks through the entryway of a school, municipal building, or sport facility, the first thing they think about is the security of the door itself. Metal doors seem like a sturdy and viable option, but does it perform as well as expected?

Installation also brings-up a host of questions. Isn't metal too heavy? Doesn't metal tend to look too “industrial” for a home? Are metal entryways customizable? The answers to these questions are a bit surprising to most home owners.

Metal Entryway Composition

The only difference between wooden and metal models is the outer frame. Solid wood and fabricated steel shells weigh nearly the same, and are designed with similar dimensions. This means any home can have the strength and security of a commercial building without compromising anything structural along an entryway.

The Aesthetics of Metal Entries

The object of a front entryway is beauty that matches the entire property's theme. In many ways, metal is more versatile than wood in its design. Some upscale homes are even incorporating artisan metals like hammered iron and aluminum to create absolutely unique entryway models. The beauty of customized metal, and its affordability, make great options for homes.

Designing The Perfect Metal Entry

Whether it's ultimate security or art that convinces homeowners to use metal instead of wood, options for customization exist. This includes the huge variety locks available with residential metal models. Both manual and electronic locks can be expertly installed in custom metal doors.

Locksmiths specializing in metal entryway installation can secure a home with a custom metal design, and make sure it is safe with locks that protect the property. Metal is a great upgrade from traditional materials that provide a home with an ideal level of safety and security.


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