Friday, April 1, 2016

What Your Garage Door's Sensors Do and Why They Are Safety Essentials

Garage doors made starting in 1991 are required to have sensors that automatically reverse the door if they come into contact with an object before reaching the garage's floor. The sensor operates with a laser beam, and any object in the way breaks the beam and stops the door from closing all the way. These sensors are critical to the safety of children and pets and can also help protect your vehicle from being damaged.

Safety Sensor Functions

The safety sensor on the garage door helps to prevent a child or pet from being injured if the door closed on them. The weight and pressure of a garage door could be life-threatening to a child or your pet. The sensors are also installed to prevent the door from closing on your vehicle and damaging it.

Sensor Malfunctions

Like any other electronic device, the sensor on your garage door can malfunction. Spider webs and spiders are common pests in garages and they can get stuck on the sensor's eye. This can make it so your garage door will not open like it is supposed to. Dirt, leaves and other debris can also cause problems with the sensor. In the event of an electrical failure, the sensor will not work. If you have to open and close the garage door manually, you will have to take care to make sure no people or pets are nearby.

Sensor Maintenance and Repairs

It is important to regularly clean and check your garage door's safety sensor. Use a damp cloth to wipe the sensor's eye. Once every month, check the sensor's functions. If it does not reverse when it encounters an object in the door's path, call for experts to make necessary repairs.


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