Thursday, November 3, 2016

Common Problems that Homeowners Might Encounter with Garage Doors

Nothing can ruin your day more easily than going home and finding out that your garage door isn’t working. Fortunately, you can call on a professional locksmith to help you with these instances.

Learning about things that can cause your garage doors to malfunction can help you decide if you need the services of a certified locksmith. Here are possible reasons why your doors stopped working.

Track Is Out Of Alignment

Garage doors can jump off the track after years of use leading to the rollers breaking off or the track becoming bent. You will know when this first happens with possible noise and shaking of the doors. They could become jammed in an opened position.

Springs Are Broken

A common occurrence with garage doors is broken torsion springs. The springs were never meant to last forever and will break over time. The doors are heavier than most homeowners would believe. Torsion springs support the weight of the door as it pulls upward. A loud noise heard from inside the garage when the doors are being operated is the first signal that a spring is broken.

Broken Cables Or Tension Springs

The springs and cables help lower the door safely. They can become weak after years of continued use. A sign that tension springs have broken is the door coming down in a violent manner with a loud crash as it hits the garage floor. This will put added stress on the cables that will eventually cause them to break.

Other issues with garage doors could be associated with the electric motor, disconnect switch, photo eyes (sensors), transmitter and other components. Most all problems with the doors should be serviced by the pros.


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