Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Reasons Why Your Commercial Property Needs a Locksmith on Standby

If you own a commercial property, you should ensure the safety of your employees and any visitors who enter your building. Having a locksmith on standby could be one of the more important safety features that you implement for your property.

Did you know many locksmiths offer services other than unlocking doors? There are even some services you may have never thought these professionals could do.

Fire Extinguishers

A premium locksmith can install extinguisher cabinets that are fire-rated and meet imposed quality standards. The locksmith may offer cabinets made of aluminum, steel, brass, or stainless steel, and come with safety locks and other features. You can also choose to have the cabinets mounted onto the wall.

Access Control Systems

While a locksmith can install heavy duty doors for your business, they can also add in access control systems. These systems are designed to limit the number of people who have access to a certain part of your building. You can choose from different types of control systems, and they are usually installed into the door or on the wall beside the door. Some systems will require a numeric code to be entered before it unlocks the door.

For higher security purposes, you may choose an access system that requires a key fob or an identification card to be swiped. If you choose the second option, you may need to change your employee’s identification cards so they can unlock doors. This is usually achieved by a special magnetic strip on the back of the cards.

These systems can’t be installed into just any kind of door, however.  You must first need to make sure the door is compatible with this type of upgrade. These forms of control systems can increase the overall security of your business, which can make employees and customers feel safer. Your professional locksmith can do this for you.


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