Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top Doors Security Tips All Homeowners Need to Be Aware of Right Now

Your family’s safety and security inside your home, as well as your valuables, are likely very important to you. That’s why you want to do everything you can to safeguard your home, as well as your loved ones.

While your valuables are important and must be secured in vaults or safes, your family’s safety and security should remain the foremost consideration why you would do everything you can to secure your home.

While this may take some work and require an alarm system in most locations, that doesn’t mean you can’t do some minor things right now. Use this guide to learn more about how you can protect your home from burglars.

Secure Your Door Jamb

If your door jamb isn’t strong enough, you may have a safety issue on your hand. To secure this, make sure you use three-inch wood screws in your door jamb. This will keep burglars from pulling those screws out or basically pulling the door off its hinges. Doors are there to protect your property by keeping unwanted elements or persons outside of your house.

That said, it will ultimately be up to you to make sure your doors are well-fortified to withstand or prevent unwelcome entries into your home.

Don’t Share Travel Plans

You can tell your best friend about your dream vacation, but letting all of your neighbors know you’re leaving town isn’t the best move. You may be able to trust them, but something as simple as a neighbor watering your plants may tip off burglars if you’re not careful. Be smart about who you share plans with. You never know when a burglar is already looking for an opportunity to get into your home, and for that you’d want to have big, sturdy doors that can keep the bad guys out for good.


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